Exactly when you thought 1994 Michael Vick or Bo Jackson from Tecmo Super Bowl (for you oldies like me) were extraordinary computer game abilities, along came Lamar Jackson. 

As per Sports Illustrated, gamers who got early access to "Enrage 20" throughout the end of the week immediately made sense of that there are a few glitches in the game. 

Jackson might be the best running quarterback ever, however he's not exactly this relentless. 

A glitch in the game has made it very hard to cut down ball transporters. It's particularly hard when attempting to handle Jackson, who has 94 speed, 95 increasing speed, 95 dexterity and 85 subtlety evaluations. 

Coincidentally, Vick had 95 speed and 97 quickening evaluations in "Madden NFL 2004." 

Jackson isn't the main relentless Raven. Look at Justin Tucker (at the 1:33 imprint above) disregarding tacklers like they're gnats! more details, please click this video