it's reports, EA Access Vault now adds another popular game to its collection. The latest news is EA Sports' NHL 19, which was the popular hockey champion released last year.


The exciting CHEL world, the ultimate hockey team, of course, as your favorite NHL team or player, is now part of the EA Access Vault. On Tuesday (April 9), EA Access posted major news on Twitter and NHL 19 cover player PK Subban as part of the announcement.

NHL 19 has joined several other popular sports games in The Vault for Microsoft Xbox One. Other competitions include EA's Madden 19, NBA Live 19 and FIFA 18. Some non-sports competitions include "Star Wars: Frontline II" and "Quality Effect Andromeda".

In fact, if you like games, this membership will bring a lot of money. NHL 19, Madden 19 and NBA Live 19 each sold for $59.99 on the original release date of the standard version. When these games start selling, The Vault now allows gamers to experience these games anytime, anywhere.

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