The 2019 NFL draft will be coming soon. Although the NFL draft is the focus of the offseason for Madden, they will never forget the legend of the game. Among the top teams are the Arizona Cardinals, the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers. To commemorate the draft in late April, there is a new Madden 19 draft in the ultimate team mode. Below are the key details of the latest MUT promotions, including new game coins, player cards and more.


Madden 19 Draft: New Currency, Draft Card
Not long ago, we launched the Madden NFL Scouting Combine promotion. This involves former college football stars who performed well before the draft. Through EAMaddenNFL Twitch's daily decline on Friday, they announced all the new details of the Madden Ultimate Team's new draft. This is a new part of the offseason fun, known as the 2019 draft or mut 19 coins . The new promotion includes different player cards, such as the first round, the first round of heroes, and of course the 99 master cards. The first group of Rollers included drafts by Jameis Winston, Justin Pugh, Barkevious Mingo and Terrell Edmunds. Take a look at the card below. In addition to those 1st Rounders, the Madden Ultimate Team also showed three First Round Heroes player cards. They are Roquan Smith of the Chicago Bears, Adrian Peterson of the Washington Reds and DeAndre Hopkins of the Houston Texans. All three player cards are rated at 98 OVR. If you want to get the first Masters card in the game, you will need them all.

Madden 19 Ultimate Legends'Tony Gonzalez
Tony Gonzalez spent his first 12 seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs. During that time, he calculated 10,490 yards and 76 catches at 916 receptions. He completed his career at the Falcons in Atlanta, where he earned 4,187 yards and 35 touchdowns. He ranked sixth in the total number of receivers and ranked first in the intense game, which undoubtedly made him a legend of the grill. He brought heat with his new 98 OVR Ultimate Legends card. It has 98 captures, 97 short runways, 96 traffic captures and 96 spectacular captures. All of these include a 6-foot-5-inch tight-fitting end for the player's MUT roster making Gonzalez a great choice for passing games. There are many ultimate team gamers who use the Kansas City Chiefs to compete. Imagine joining 98 OVR Tony Gonzalez and star quarterback Patrick Mahomes to Team Chemistry. This is a dream pair that is only seen in video games.

Madden 19 Ultimate Legends Ray Nitschke
As with the previous version of Ultimate Legend, you need a solid defender and an elite level of offensive threat. This weekend's defensive star is the greatest Renetke in history. The linebacker of the former Green Bay Packers played from 1958 to 1972. During that time, he had 25 interceptions, a total of 385 yards and two touchdowns. Nitschke also had 23 turnovers, participated in 11 playoff games, and was selected twice for all -Pro's first team.

Of course, there are auction houses where gamers can bid or "buy now" for these specific Ultimate Legends cards. The price range of cards is very wide. The recent price we see is Nitschke's 250,000 coins or higher. The Gonzalez card is less usable, but the "buy now" price is close to 300,000 coins.

Players can also complete new solo challenges to win these legends for their list or  buy mut coin at www.mutcoin.com . However, they will not reach the 98 OVR rating. The first MUT challenge is the Tony Gonzalez 88 card, which has 3,000 coins. By completing this challenge, players can get these rewards and unlock the next challenge, getting Ray Nitschke. Therefore, MUT gamers can work with the new draft path this weekend.