The final game of the Madden NFL 19 Canadian Challenge. Mark "TheMarksman13" Liu played in the final with cash and bragging rights at Sean "CerebralVictory" Fenton. When things started, it quickly became apparent that one of the two gamers showed no pity. This is the latest news about how Cerebral won the Madden NFL 19 Canadian Challenge Finals. Madden NFL 19 new champion has been born
Madden NFL 19 Canadian Challenge Finals Wins

The best is to compete in the Xbox sponsored Canadian Challenge final. Since most gamers and tournaments seem to have done it, both the shooter and the brain use the Kansas City Chiefs as they face each other in the final. Fans seem to like to see this scene. After all, this team also has attacking stars including Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. Just the first half of the brain rose to 19-3. The event entered a climax, impacting the senses of the people, the shooter got an eight-point game, but the second half was a brain run.

The most surprising thing is that CerebralVictory looks like bleeding in the finals because he leads by as much as 20 points in the second half. However, the shooter can get a late touchdown in the third quarter to make things interesting. But this is too late. After the arrival of the fourth quarter, the brain knew that he had a victory in his hand because he took the clock to an advantage.

After his big Madden NFL 19 Canadian Challenge victory, CerebralVictory was called Madden 19 classic champion Michael Skimbo and Philadelphia Eagles star catcher Alshon Jeffrey brought a $10,000 check.

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