In Madden 19, every team has an MVP and there is only one MVP per season. Many teams in the Madden Ultimate Team have more than one team. In the past month or so, MUT staff have announced MVPs representing each NFL list. On Wednesday (March 20), they teased that another MVP was heading to the Baltimore Ravens.


The new team MVP player card includes a total of six players, each providing 97 OVRs for the Ultimate Team. Leading the trend is the Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott. Running back Dallas brought 97 agility and 96 seconds to his speed and portability. Eliot also has 95 accelerations and 94 Break Tackle abilities.

Alvin Kamara's key attributes include 97 agility, acceleration and elusiveness, making him a dangerous choice. He also scored 96 points when breaking the tackle and 93 speed.

The third and final ultimate team MVP released on Tuesday was Brandin Cooks. The Rams' catcher brought 97 points to his speed and 96 catches, making him the best target for MUT QB throws. In addition to other key attributes, there are 95 for Spectacular Catch, Deep Route Run and Short Route Run.

Also revealed the three guards of the team MVP. They include Trey Flowers of the New England Patriots, Pierre Desier of the Indianapolis Colts and Dee Ford of the Kansas City Chiefs. Each of these stars has 97 OVRs as revealed by three offensive players.

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