Despite the 2019 NFL season coming to its end with Tom Brady earning his sixth Super Bowl ring, EA is not ready to flip the page on Madden 19.

The developers released a Title Update today, which is “heavily influenced” by community feedback, including the general stability updates and overall gameplay updates that fine-tune special teams, catching and pass coverage.

EA has made some adjustments under the hood, which should help with online desyncs, and can also enable additional logging to better track when it happens. While online desyncs are happening at a "low rate," EA realizes that "any desyncs impacting higher level online competitions have a big impact on play-experience."

Tracking should help EA better identify the reasons for online removal and hope to produce a more stable online environment. This is especially important for competitive gameplay.

In terms of the gameplay, there are a lot of overall tuning adjustments. EA has adjusted the matching formula for traffic catches, adding logic that takes into account additional defenders that are near the receiver or the catch point.

“This change will reduce the effectiveness of Aggressive Catches in traffic by respecting the impact of nearby defenders relative to both the receiver and the catch point,” EA says.

Other improvements that may affect the passing game include improving the Cover 4 Quarters logic to better defend the pass route and fix a press animation issue that resulted in an issue with defenders carrying out their assignment for the Curl Flat in Cover 3.

EA usually reveals the new Madden game in May every year, so this is probably one of the last title updates Madden 19 receives. In fact, EA has already started talking about Madden 20, and there may be three players who will get a big overall ratings boost in the next game. 

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