It’s Christmas Day, which means video game fans are enjoying their new consoles along with the included games. Many players will be jumping on Madden 19 for the first time, and thankfully, EA is providing a sweet gift for new gamers. Here are more details about the Madden 19 Ultimate Team MUTMAS package and the special help from Madden.

On Christmas Day, EA Sports Madden Twitter sent out some tweets about the Madden 19 Ultimate Team mode. In this special mode, gamers can build up their own elite squad of players using the special Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) cards they get through the packages. EA's Madden regularly hosts events or promotions to allow gamers to add game legends or upgraded players from the present.

EA welcomes all new Madden gamers to join MUTMAS by sharing a special pack of five player cards that they can get for the Ultimate Team mode for free. It includes Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz rated at an 89 and New England Patriots’ Julian Edelman at 87 overall. There’s also an 87 Jaire Alexander from the Green Bay Packers.

In addition, there are some 90-plus players in the mix. The gamers receive a 93-rated Justin Houston from the Chiefs and a 91-rated John Randle of the Minnesota Vikings. This is not a bad bunch of player cards for starting your Madden Ultimate Team for free!

Please keep in mind that Madden offers new cards for their Madden Ultimate Team of the Week (TOTW) stars every week throughout the season. In addition, they offer holiday or seasonal promotions, such as their ongoing Zero Chill event. It allows gamers to add existing stars and legends to their Madden Ultimate Teams such as Jerry Rice, Michael Strahan, Rod Woodson and more.

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