Every week during the NFL games played from city to city around the country, fans will see some quite unique touchdown celebrations. They include dances, postures or other actions to celebrate that big touchdown. The cool thing is that you can learn how to celebrate in Madden NFL 19 after scoring touchdowns. The following is how to make different celebrations in the game.

How to celebrate in Madden NFL 19 with different celebrations

The Madden NFL 19 competition includes many new celebrations. If even features the special celebrations that only certain players like Odell Beckham Jr. or Dez Bryant do. There are also some cool team or team celebrations. You will often want to prepare for them when you want to show off (or rub it in your opponent's face).


The first step before you can even celebrate is that you obviously have to score a touchdown. You can't celebrate on the field for any random game. However, once you get an exciting touchdown, it's time to show some actions off. Here's how to use the controller’s right stick to celebrate.


  • Flick the Right Stick up to perform a Group or Team Celebration.
  • Flick the Right Stick to the Right for a generic spike the ball celebration.
  • Flick the Right Stick to the Left for a Dancing Celebration.
  • Flick the Right Stick down for a Signature Celebration.

The Signature Celebration will bring a special celebration to the players who own them in the game. For example, players like Amari Cooper or Odell Beckham Jr. may have many different celebrations to try. Otherwise, performing this special celebration with any other player will result in a regular dancing-style celebration.

Also, when you have some teammates around, use a group or team celebration. It may not look so good when you just got a breakthrough touchdown and no close teammates will close range to celebrate with.

How to celebrate in Madden 19 with the Swagger celebration

If you really want to get under your opponent’s skin, you can also perform something in Madden NFL 19 called a “Swagger” celebration. This is where you steal or imitate your opponent's celebration moves. So if your team is against the New York Giants and you score a touchdown, you can steal Odell Beckham Jr's "Whip Dance" celebration.

To make a Swagger celebration, just press and hold the Rightstick as you are scoring a touchdown. You players who have just scored will imitate their opponent's trademark celebration.

As we can see from the guide above, these celebrations are not all that difficult to perform when playing Madden NFL.19. Use them carefully against your friends or high-level opponents. You don't want to laugh at them and give your Madden team a serious beatdown on the gridiron!

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