EA Sports has released a new Madden 19 title update for the football game on Thursday, December 6. Gamers will see some improvements in key aspects of the gameplay, including defense and strategy. In particular, gamers will love or hate Ice the Kicker or Rotating Mobile updates,  depending on which aspect of the strategy they are on. There are also many useful updates for Madden Ultimate Team and Franchise modes. Below is the latest details of the Madden 19 title update 1.16, which is now available for the game.

Madden 19 Title Update: Gameplay improvements for defense

The latest 1.16 title update has made more tweaks and improvements to the gameplay in terms of fumbles, defensive strategy, and more. According to EA's update notes,  there are helpful improvements for the gameplay when it comes to playbooks, tuning, pass coverage, blocking, and special teams logic.

The playbooks got a well update for gamers who take on CPU-controlled teams in Madden. Basically, the Artificial Intelligence will reflect play calling based on how the NFL team have been calling their defensive players during the actual season.

Madden 19 Title Update: Cover 3 logic, Ice the Kicker

Gamers who like to switch up their defensive pass coverage strategy by using Cover 3 will find new logic and adjustments applied there. These may not be noticed by most players on Madden 19, but will help those who like to change it up. They updated the logic of Hook-Curl and Seam Flat defenders within Cover 3 in particular. There is also a fix for the Cover 4 Quarters in terms of improper coverage for the inside-most receiver on a Hail Mary Trio play.

Another improvement in game strategy comes from the special team play calling in the game. Basically, there is a loophole in the game, where a team will apply "Ice the Kicker", and then the team that plans to kick will get rid of the made. They can do this by calling a timeout or even running a waste game so that "Ice the Kicker" will no longer apply. Not now, because the developers ensure that "Ice the Kicker" keeps the state of the entire drive.

Madden 19 Title Update: Franchise and Ultimate Team

There are many updates to the Franchise mode, which mainly solve problems within the mode (a save file crash, missing Career Stats data, etc). They also put community feedback in mind and put the previous Franchise Player-lock Camera back into this mode. It will now use the legacy player-lock camera” which will provide a better view of the backfield.

For Madden Ultimate Team, gamers now can choose to play Squads vs. Friends. This will be offered as a new title on the Squads Center, where gamers can choose a 2v2 or 3v3 game to participate in. Gamers need to provide a password to enter the Squads vs. Friends, so it will be one that is set up amongst friends or known competitors. Matchmaking will take place only against other teams with that same password.

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