Every Thanksgiving, sports fans like to feast on turkey and football. This is also the best time for gamers to participate in special events, such as the Madden 19 Harvest Turkey Bowl. The annual event is back again, and EA is promoting it because it has more content and more players than before. It will be featuring a new quest for gamers to participate in and find some of the best players in the history of the NFL in order to pursue the ultimate team goal, the victory of Turkey Bowl!

Madden 19 Harvest Turkey Bowl Basics

The Madden 19 Harvest Turkey Bowl is a special Madden Ultimate Team game event. Gamers can complete different challenges in a limited time. By doing that, they can earn Turkey Flyers or Mut Coins. These items can be used to purchase NAT players, which gamers can add them to their ultimate team list for a better boost.

This year's Turkey Bowl has a theme where gamers are going from stadium to stadium to look for players to boost their lineups. And the victory of the Turkey Bowl is the main goal of the competition.

This year's Madden 19 Harvest Turkey Bowl will also have some new items. These are the "Turkey Bowl Tailgaters", which have specific icons based on "pre-kickoff activities." The accompanying icons help indicate which players are eligible to upgrade items. Gamers can also assemble sets of Four Gold Tailgaters and Four Elite Tailgaters. These will be available for an Offensive or Defensive All-Star.

There are eight different groups with a total of 32 Tailgaters. And Turkey Trotters who will be the players that have changing ratings within the competition.

Madden 19 Harvest Turkey Bowl MVPs, Star Players

Legends and star player acquisitions are an important part of this year's Madden Turkey Bowl event. The two biggest players from offense and defense in the game will be featured as Turkey Bowl MVPs. They are the Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton and New York Giants defensive star Lawrence Taylor. Each of these players brings a 95 overall rating to the Madden 19 Harvest Turkey Bowl.

In addition, some of the best talents in the games will be featured with a batch of 93-rated players. They include Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen, Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes and New Orleans Saints halfback Alvin Kamara, also rated as 93 each. Other 93-rated players in the Turkey Bowl are the Titans’ Jurrell Casey, Eagles’ Jason Peters, Buccaneers’ Gerald McCoy, and Lions’ Darius Slay Jr.

Gamers will now search for the highly-rated cards within the Ultimate Team quest. For the latest news on the Harvest Turkey Bowl or other game updates, be sure to visit the professional Madden 19 Coins site mutcoin.com.