On Tuesday (November 20th), Madden 19 November title update has been released by EA Sports. The latest patch addressed a variety of issues in the game mode, ranging from small thing such as menu improvements to equipment updates, and the first post-release playbook update, including the Ultimate Team, Franchise mode, and playbooks. These latest changes indicate that the development team is still committed to improving the game to meet the needs of the community. Below is an overview of the key changes that the gamers will see in Madden 19 for the new updates.

Update for Gameplay


In this latest patch update, there are a large number of updates throughout Madden 19. However, Madden 19 gameplay changes are the most worth to speak of. For example, this update includes a first in terms of a “post-launch update to Playbooks.” Never in the game history, has the Madden Dev team been able to support playbacks in its Title Updates. 

In addition, there are gameplay improvements for Zone Coverage and Pass Blocking. These updates help address the specific logic used to defend against various routes. They also help to prevent exploiting of the Nickel 3-3-5 Odd formation blitzes among other types of setups. Many gamers will be happy to see that exploits involving Kickoffs have also been resolved.

Update for MUT, Franchise improvements

There are some key updates to both Franchise and Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) aspects of the game. The franchise mode now has a variety of menu improvements, while SuperSim includes time managements. The development team also fixed for the draft clock display during the draft and various "rare freezes" in the game. They also solved the stability issues that gamers might see the week after the draft.

In Madden Ultimate Team, players can now play MUT Squads as a duo. The developers pointed out that it is necessary to choose an Offensive and Defensive Captain when using the Duo aspect. The Head Coach responsibilities are controlled by the Defensive Captain.

Also in MUT, the development team fixed the logic used for giving out Super Bowl MVP and for CPU drafting a first-round of running back. These were just some of the highlights of the Madden 19 patch notes. For more detailed notes, please visit the EA Sports Forum and for cheap mut 19 coins, you can head to buy on the professional site mutcoin.com.

Update for Retro Cleats and Gamers React


There are also some visual changes. In particular, NFL players representing Jordan Brand were wearing Air Jordan XI Concord footwear this year. They include Michael Thomas, Jalen Ramsey, and Alshon Jeffrey. These Player Exclusive Retro splints are now updated for the visuals in Madden 19.

Since launch, EA has done a good job of updating content and fixing nagging issues. However, there are still some lingering legacy issues. For example, sacks are still not properly recorded in Franchise Mode, and sideline awareness can still be a little wonky for receivers. Gamers are looking forward to see those issues being resolved in a future gaming update and sincerely hope that Madden 19 gameplay will get better and better!

In any case, the gamers are enthusiastic about the latest update of the game and they can now play Madden 19 on Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One.