Team Captain players are one of the most powerful cards you can get in Madden 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and now as of this year, PC. However, they did not start all that great. They need to upgrade with Team Captain Tokens to reach their final 99 overall status.


If you like, you can choose four captains to join your lineup immediately, and eventually upgrade them to 99. All four are Hall of Fame players, two on offense, two on defense, and you really can not go wrong with any of them. This is more like a matter of preference.

You can grab Michael Strahan and Ray Lewis on defense, or grab Jerry Rice or Shannon Sharpe on offense. To build them up, you need Team Captain Tokens, and if you are here, you may want to know how to get more.

Team Captain Tokens are acquired throughout the year and there is no way as of this writing anyway, to get them quickly and easily. Otherwise, getting a 99 OVR player won't be much of an accomplishment.

In order to get them, you need to check back into Madden 19 every week or so. There is a special timing objective that rewards you with a token that you can use to upgrade your player. Check your Objectives and find the section on Team Captain Tokens.

The objectives may vary, so take a look, see what you need to do for that, when the due date is, and then continue to complete it before the objective expires. Make a note of the due date expiration date so you can go back to Madden 19 and complete the next one.

Complete the objective of every Team Captain Token, as soon as they are up, and before the deadline, will allow you to get your captain to 99 OVR in the fastest possible way. We believe that you can miss some and catch up later in the year. But if you want it as soon as possible, try not to miss anyway.

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