A brand new Madden 19 update has arrived on Thursday, and it brought a lot of changes for gamers to check out. EA Sports announced that the latest update to the popular game will involve game tuning, updated player visuals and more. They even upgraded the CPU’s logic in certain areas of the game. The following is a summary of some details about Madden 19 update 1.12 and what's involved.


Madden 19 Update 1.12 is Available Now

Gamers with PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PCs can now install the new Madden 19 update 1.12. This special update checks size is equivalent to 4.2 gigabytes, so it may take some time to download and install it. However, there are many changes to digest. EA Sports mentioned in their patch description that they are “addressing community feedback.”  (For complete fixes, check out the full update 1.12 instructions on offcial site)

Some of those community issues may involve the new gameplay fixes. For example, gamers can now sub in NFL players through depth charts, which are actually on injured reserve lists in the NFL. In addition, they have adjusted the Player Speed Parity values so that it should be obvious when you have faster or slower players on the field.

The franchise mode has received a large number of updates. Among those, the CPU teams have a new logic to help the draft players based on the needs of the team. In the Competitive leagues, they have also reintroduced injuries with franchise mode. This was what they have in Madden 18, and now they were brought back to Madden 19 Franchise.

For PC gamers using Madden 19, there were some specific changes made there that may or may not be too obvious. You can now disable voice chat as a separate setting from other audio adjustments. In addition, they have also solved the problem of how the stadiums display on the screen and an issue with the progressive install speed moving slowly. These are in addition to the other tweaks made in overall Madden 19 game as outlined in their patch notes.

Madden 19 Update for Player Visuals

To keep up with real-life looks, a total of 18 NFL players received updated likenesses in the Madden 19 game. They are:

Buccaneers WR Mike Evans
Steelers SS Terrell Edmunds
Bills MLB Tremaine Edmunds
Cowboys WR Michael Gallup
Bears FS Eddie Jackson
49ers TE George Kittle
Packers MLB Blake Martinez
Redskins DE Daron Payne
Falcons OLB Duke Riley
Cowboys QB Cooper Rush
Falcons HB Ito Smith
Saints WR Tre’Quan Smith
Dolphins CB Cordea Tankersley
49ers WR Trent Taylor
Giants DE Dalvin Tomlinson
Cowboys MLB Leighton Vander Esch
Chargers WR Mike Williams
Cowboys FS Xavier Woods

The Madden 19 “Most Feared” event has begun on October 19th before the 2018 Halloween holiday. Gamers can continue to follow the latest details of Madden 19 news and buy mut 19 coins to continue their latest NFL season trip!