Sometimes it's important to upgrade your players in the Madden 19 game. This will help to improve their on-field abilities and, in some cases, can be performed for the entire team. Player upgrades can only be made in the Franchise and Ultimate Team modes of the game. The following is a useful guide on how to upgrade players in Madden 19. Hope you like it!


Guide to upgrade players in Madden 19 Franchise Mode

Upgrading players can be available in Franchise mode as a coach or owner. You can also upgrade yourself to be part of the Be a Player mode. In both cases, you will need experience points (XP) to upgrade the players. The best way to get XP is to take part in a weekly training sessions or play a game that are worth XP.

Player upgrades will occur when you select a Archetype for the player.  Players will be upgrade, but it will be based on their main skill type. Player Archetypes can also change depending on how much you train them. In addition, defeating their Archetype overall will help to change it for that player. Keep this in mind when you sort out your team of stars.

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Guide to upgrade players in Madden 19 Ultimate Team Mode

It is also available to upgrade players in the Madden 19 Ultimate Team mode. To do that, you will choose the players you want to upgrade. Choose an upgrade option and then spend a lot of training points to perform the upgrade. However, it may require more than just training points. For example, you might need to find another player card in the packages. The player cards can also be obtained by purchasing or trading for them in the Auction House area.

To get the Training Points in Madden Ultimate Team, join solo games, challenges or the training camp games. These are on the solo games playlists. Another quick and easy way to get Training Points is to get a card by quickly viewing the cards you don't need. You should do this once you develop your team for a while,  and are at a point where you don't need certain cards.

If you are upgrading a player that is already very good, then the upgrading requires more points, so keep that in mind. However, upgrading players is a valuable part of the game to help you develop a team full of players capable of taking down the best of the best!

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