The Madden 19 game is all to cheer for the football spirit. It makes mere commoners feel like enthusiastic quarterbacks,  remaining in their armchairs. During the game, the quarterback is directly controlled by you. Therefore, you have a variety of different passing moves to score points. If you master these amazing passing moves, you can definitely secure a few wins for your team. Here are a few game-winning passing moves of Madden 19.

Guide to Perform Pump Fake, Scramble in Madden 19

In plenty of NFL games, It is a very popular strategy. Quarterbacks usually do a pump fake to throw the defense off a bit before completing a real pass. In order to do this in Madden 19, PS4 or Xbox gamers simply need to press the controller’s L stick.


  • To pump-fake a pass: press L stick (on PS4 or Xbox One)

The scramble is another beneficial move to avoid the defensive attack. The quarterbacks will use this when the defense is moving in but there aren't many good passing options at that moment. To scramble in Madden 19, press L Stick + R2 on the PS4. For the Xbox controller, press L Stick + RT.


  • To scramble with a quarterback (PS4): Press L stick & R2
  • To scramble with a quarterback (Xbox One): Press L Stick & RT

Guide to Throw a Low or High Pass in Madden 19

Except for pump fake or scramble, there are a number of other options at your fingertips which can help you win a game in Madden 19, though. For example, you can throw a number of different types of passes such as a low pass or high pass in your Madden NFL games.


  • To throw a Low pass (PS4): Receiver Icon & Hold down L2
  • To throw a Low pass (Xbox One): Receiver Icon & Hold down LT
  • For a High pass (PS4): Receiver Icon & Hold down L1
  • For a High pass (Xbox One): Receiver Icon & Hold LB

Passing controls may require players to get used to, but through practice, they will become their second nature. They are an important part of being able to take down your competitors. Once you have mastered the Madden 19 pass options, you will be on top of your game for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One!

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