Though it hasn't been officially announced, it seems quite clear Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown is definitely the cover athlete for the typical edition of Madden 19.

We learned over a month ago that Terrell Owens will be the cover athlete for the Hall of Fame Edition, and had been told the common cover guy would be revealed at a later date. I don't consider anyone believed we'd see July 17 roll around devoid of an official announcement.


It is unclear why EA hasn't announced Brown because the cover athlete, but probably it has a thing to perform using a couple of unfortunate incidents¨Cunrelated to Brown¨Cleading up to this year's release.

Owens' induction has turn into a supply of controversy. Which has seemingly coincided with much less attention for the former Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles good than final year's HOF Edition cover athlete, Tom Brady received..

Owens has chosen to skip the induction ceremony and to instead deliver a speech at his alma mater Tennessee Chattanooga. The Hall of Fame will counter by refusing to honor Owens individually. The pettiness knows no limits, apparently.

Most recently, Madden senior producer Carlos Guerrero was dismissed after violating the company's code of conduct policy. Possibly EA didn't desire to make a somewhat substantial announcement amidst controversial news. In any case, Brown appears to be the man and he's worthy in the distinction.

He is arguably the top wide receiver in the NFL. He's coming off his fifth straight season with at least 1,200 yards, 100 receptions, and eight touchdown catches. Madden 19 releases for PS4, Xbox One and Pc on August 10.