For most 12-year-old children, "investing" usually means that everyone chooses to buy a big pizza or buy a game. But Mikaila Ulmer is not the same as most 12-year-old children. According to the report from Houston Chronicle, the "Me & the Bees Lemonade" company founder has just received a total of $ 810,000 investment from a number of NFL players.

The former Houston Texas runner Arian Foster brought a group of active and retired NFL players to invest in this lemon juice company. The company made a sweetening e
ffect with homemade linseed recipes and added honey. Part of the profits will be donated to the company related to bee protection.

"Me & the Bees Lemonade" company has been very popular since it is board the reality show in Ulmer board reality show, and after that, the company cooperated with the total food supermarket, signing a contract worthy of $ 11 million.

The Detroit Lions security Glover Quin is one of the investor, hs said that: "Ulmer is very special. Obviously, she has a bright future. I hope I can become part of it and cultivate She looked at her, and the sky was her limit, and I was very impressed with her."

Earning tens of millions of dollars, working with a group of NFL players and helping save the world - all of those are completed at the age of 12. Please let me leave for a while, I'm going to figure out what is the big problem with my life!