tom brady-madden 18

In Brady's career, the battle that beat the years will be the greatest. Brady will celebrate his 40th birthday later this year in  August. But his athletic level did not decline in the trend. Even if someone dares to say that the Patriots quarterback will  fall, no one will believe.
This Monday, Brady won the No.1 in the NFL's Top-100 Poll for 2016-17 Season. We have been accustomed to the "forty old man"  teaching people on the pitch last season, so it is also deserved the return to the top this time. Brady won the No.1 in the NFL's  Top-100 Poll last time in the 2011 season, since the season he has never fallen out of the top four, no other people have  achieved this achievement.

Brad's performance during 2016 season is is completely unlike a middle-aged man. After the first four games, the 15 games in  entire season he played with the best state  in his career, the regular season 28 touchdowns, only 2 times steals; 3 playoff  averaged 379 yards; And the last battle is completed the reversal of the Super Bowl's biggest difference in the history.

Throughout Brady's career: 5 Super Bowl champion, 4 Super Bowl MVP, 2 regular season MVP, 12 times getting into the professional  bowl. Very few people can achieve those great career achievements, let alone in the nearly 40 years old, he is still refreshing  these records.

There are only 3 quarterback reach the season 2600 yards at the age of 40 in NFL histosy, they are Brett Faff (40 years old),  Warren Mu En (41 years old), Vanni Teostavelde(41 years old). Observing the offseason adjustment, the Patriots lineup is more  profound, Brady is expected to break the record of single season 4202 yards 33 touchdowns that created by Faff when he was 40  years old.

Years like a knife, urging people to become old, sooner or later Brady will retire from the stadium one day, but now still very  early.

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