Madden NFL has had a rocky transition to the current-gen, but publisher EA continues on with its sports juggernaut this year with  Madden NFL 18. With a number of the most significant adjustments the series has observed in some time, 2017 may very well be a  big year for the Football sim. Here's everything you need to know about Madden 18(buy Madden Mobile Coins online), such as the  Madden 18 release date, pre-order particulars, and additional. 



Madden NFL 18 is releasing worldwide on August 25, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One. Madden NFL 18 might be obtainable in two editions:  Standard Edition and G.O.A.T. Edition. The cover star this year is none besides New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady. Brady  follows his teammate, tight end Rob Gronkowski, who was Madden NFL 17's cover athlete. 

Brady is more than aware with the so called "Madden Curse", but doesn't look worried about it: 

"The Madden NFL 18 cover can be a great honor for me," stated Brady. "Especially considering that I've been playing the game  considering that growing up subsequent to EA headquarters in the Bay Region. I am not one particular to believe in curses, so I'm  ready to take the challenge head on like normally! It doesn't stand a possibility!!!" 

The Madden Curse got its name after a number of cover athletes for the games over the years have suffered significant injuries.  Some fans take it so seriously that they campaign for their team's star players to not get the cover athlete role. 

Pre-order Madden NFL 18 Common Edition on PS4 (or Xbox 1) and you are going to receive the decision of an Elite player from their  favored NFL group for use in Madden NFL 18 Ultimate Group, plus five Squad Packs to redeem at launch. 

Pre-order Madden NFL 18 G.O.A.T. Edition on PS4 (or Xbox A single) and you are going to get anything in the Normal Edition plus  the option of certainly one of five G.O.A.T. players for Madden NFL 18 Ultimate Group. 

Despite the fact that Madden NFL 18 releases on August 25, 2017, you'll find various approaches to play the game early. G.O.A.T.  Edition owners will get to play Madden NFL 18 from Tuesday, August 22, while EA Access members on Xbox One particular can play  for as much as 10 hours starting Thursday, August 17 together with the EA Access Play Initially Trial. EA Access members also  receive a 10% discount on a digital purchase of Madden 18 Coins