EA Sports have made an extremely wise decision ahead from the release of Madden 18, as Friday Night Lights fans everywhere will probably be taking an interest in on the list of game's fascinating new modes.

We thought the news that we were obtaining a Madden 18 story mode equivalent to 'The Journey' was exciting enough, as the concept of controlling a single player on the pitch is often a lot more thrilling for American football than it's for 'soccer', but in the event you understand how significantly of a soft spot we've got for Friday Evening Lights you are going to understand why can't wait to have our hands on this now.

The addition of FNL favourite Scott Porter, who played Jason Street in 42 episodes from the cult classic, was confirmed at E3 earlier this week, plus the man himself was on hand to express his happiness at having involved.

Considering you commence in Texas having a dream, a lot of have drawn the link to Friday Night Lights and this really is something Porter admitted played a aspect in his involvement, as did his background in the sport.

It is undoubtedly going to become interesting. Here's what Street's character appears like in game.

Scott Porter's character will be your main individual partnership as your pal because the start off, so we're secretly hoping for 'Texas Forever' to become a factor that is definitely in fact stated at some point, despite the fact that that may not make an excessive amount of sense for those who get drafted for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The full trailer for 'Longshot', the Madden 18 story mode comes out August 25th. Welcome to buy Madden 18 Coins and Madden mobile coins on mutcoin.com.