Carson Wentz Fells Everything Goes Well for Himself This Year

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz performed very good in the beginning of the rookie season with winning 4 matches among the first 6, and coming 8 touchdowns, 3 steals, which let the Philadelphia become very crazy for a while.

However, after that, the situation was going bad, Wintz's touchdowns - steal proportion significantly increased. The offensive efficiency is no longer excellent, Eagles only won three games afterwards. It seems that if the rookie want to survive in the NFL(buy Madden Mobile Coins), there are a lot of things to learn.

Therefore, Wentz decided to learn from the quarterback expert Adam Dedeaux. He himself thought it would be very helpful, because "countless good players have learned from him, and they really got a lot of help." Wentz felt he can play more smoothly after he got the guidance of Dedeaux.

"I'm playing more comfortable," said Wintz, "I know it's still off the race, but I can be more focused, and I worry too much last year, and now I can understand the important parts before the offense begins - what will happen to my options, what will happen, and understand that these games will become completely different, and you will not care too much about the minutiae.'

In order to help Wentz, the Eagles strengthen their wide-receiver team during offseason, both Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith will be of great benefit.