Denver Broncos has recently made a serious conversation with their players, with the content "What is suitable to post on social media?"

"We spent a lot of time teaching the players about the social media things." Broncos coach Vance Joseph said, "they are like your children, and you have to keep them up to remind what consequences their unintentional move may bring. "

The reason why the Broncos is so concerned about social media content, because last week Will Parks released two attacking short videoes on the training with the content that Paxton Lynch failed to pass for two times, and this makes a lot of people thinking that Parks is criticizing Lynch, but  Joseph said it was not the meaning of Parks.

Aside from the original intention, Joseph did not want this kind of things to happen again.

"What we're doing should be personal, though he did not want to hurt anyone, but he can not do that," Joseph said.

Social media problem has always been the focus of the team matters, after all, 20-year-old young players in the team are like to post something for the world to see, so it becomes very important to let them know what will impact in advance.

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