On Friday US time, Pete Carroll, the head coach of Seattle Seahawks, explains why the team did not sign free quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Carroll said: "He is the starting level player, we already have a starting, he can be in the league as a starting I can hardly believe why no one gave him a chance."

Carroll declined to comment on the question of whether the salary requirement of Kaepernick was too high. He said, "He is a guy who may be a champion, and although he has a state of ups and downs, he can prove that he is good enough when in the best time. "

Carroll also answered the recent ESPN question on the Seahawks dressing room, he said: "Our dressing room is great, no matter what you think, we are very good and every thing is going well in the right direction."

At the same time, Carroll denied that only the team quarterback Russell Wilson received a special treatment, he said: "I treat everyone on the team equally and help everyone do their best. "