The former team coach, who was bought the contract in NFL for twice, Chip Kelly, will be wirking for network company in 2017.

On Friday US time, ESPN announced that Kelly will join the studio operations group and will be responsible for the operations of part of the Saturday college football program. And he will also appear in the SportsCenter program on Sunday, providing NFL analysis.

"I have talked with a lot of people about different situations of myself - coaching or participating in TV shows." Kelly said, "I have some opportunities in both aspects. Finally,  i established friendship with ESPN during my many years of coaching, and now I think this is the best choice. "

Kelly has been competing for the work in FOX television in March, but has not been selected. He also considered to be the offensive coordinator in NFL, but failed to reach an agreement with the new team.

Maybe ESPN can let Kelly talk about his views on Colin Kaepernick.