Skimbo is the winner of your Madden 17 Championship. He survived a late redzone attack by Dilemma to win the final 24 -20. Skimbo wins $150,000 because the champion in addition to winning the championship belt.

Difficulty pretty much did not make the championship game. He located himself down six with 1:38 left in his semifinal matchup. Together with the enable of Deion Sanders, Issue returned a kickoff to get a touchdown. He would go on to have a defensive stand to close out an improbable victory to punch his ticket to the championship. Here's a highlight of the game-winning return:

Speaking of championship, here's a have a look at the Madden 17 championship belt along with a bracket displaying how each gamer reached the final.

Adhere to Difficulty and Skimbo on Twitter for an inside have a look at the tournament. In other Madden news, EA Sports released the Madden 18 cover and trailer on Friday. In addition to finding out Tom Brady is around the cover, fans discovered the new Madden may have a Story Mode.

Click right here to read Heavy's breakdown from the new mode and all its possibilities. Heavy also detailed the expanded G.O.A.T. edition and almost everything that comes with all the version in the game.

All this combined with the Frostbite engine providing the game a visual face-lift results in a hugely anticipated Madden 18.