4.27 Cleveland Brown has identified the top pick

Cleveland Brown will be the first team to pick the players in 2017 NFL Draft, but in the opinion of the Brown general manager Sashi Brown, now it has turned to the San Francisco 49ers to worry about who to choose.

The NFL official site reporter, Michael Silver reported that Brown has made a decision on their Champion candidates. Sassi Brown told Silver that they have confirmed the Candidates two weeks ago, and only 3 to 4 people know who they would pick.

If they pick someone other than Texas Imperial University defender Myles Garrett, then this year's draft will have a surprising start.

Garrett got 31 sack in the past three seasons and he can immediately provide help for the Cleveland Brown.

However, there are still reports pointed out that Brown's management wants to pick up a quarterback with a champion. If Garrett is not a champion, the North Carolina University quarterback Mitchell Trubisky may be the most likely candidate.

"I did not rank any quarterback, but if Brown thought Mitchell Chimbisky was the one they needed, if they thought he would win a lot of games in the next 10 years, then why not on the 12th Bit pick him? "NFL official website draft expert Mike - May York (Mike Mayock) said. "I do not think there is a quarterback worth picking up with a champion, but if they really think so, why do not you use the pick to pick the quarterback and then do not worry about it again?

Of course, there is always the possibility that Brown will choose to trade, but if there is no deal, Brown mind has been decided. In another day, the whole world will know who they want to pick. Prior to that, only a small number of Browns knew their choice.