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Because the early 2000s, the NFL and EA Sports have invested in competitions about the Madden franchise on a grassroots, local and regional level. The partnership in between the two organizations has spanned 28 years and is starting to take a extra formalized shape around more-publicized events, like this past weekend's Madden 17 Club Series Championship.

NFL Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Vice President of Customer Solutions Chris Halpin referred to as the regular programming of esports events over the previous year, which incorporated eight league teams possessing Madden gamers compete for money prizes, a "long-term investment" for both the league and EA. 

When asked if the consistent scheduling is major to a bigger future initiative in between the NFL and EA, like what is occurring with all the NBA 2K eLeague, Halpin said there could be the long-term possible for all 32 league teams getting Madden representatives, although no distinct facts have been supplied with regards to the likelihood of a league itself.

"Madden competitive gaming is usually a important channel to engage fans to get to younger demographics who appreciate the NFL and after that give them an opportunity to show what they're able to do and also at the exact same time, understand in the most effective players," Halpin stated. "I feel we're focused on constructing the narratives, the stories about the best players, the identity, the competitors and delivering that aspirational element for the millions of Madden players on the market. Then, by the way, as part of our international development, Madden is often a fantastic channel for establishing international fan base...We're focused on investing behind it internationally with EA. 

"I consider longer term, it is continuing to flesh out the year-round competitive gaming series and tour and then also potentially constructing towards a setup where perhaps all 32 NFL teams have their very own Madden teams which are representing them and playing on their behalf."

Saturday night's Madden 17 Club Series Championship crowned Seattle Seahawks representative and Madden gamer Michael Clark because the $20,000 winner, who will now compete in the 32-person Madden 17 Championship later this month in Burbank, Calif. Madden game players can get Madden Mobile Coins on www.mutcoin.com now!