Running back Adrian Peterson has arranged for the third time offseason team visit.


Running Back Adrian Peterson Will Visit New Orleans Saints


According to informed sources, the former Minnesota Vikings star running back will visit New Orleans saints next week.


Pittson visited the Seattle Seahawks shortly after the free agent market opened, but then the Seahawks signed Eddie Lacy. He also visited the New England Patriots, but did not get the contract, and the Patriots still have the intention to sign back run LeGarrette Blount.


Earlier this week there were reports that there were three or five teams interested in Peterson, who also did not show the asking price nor the rejection of the team's offer. Seven times selected professional bowl of Peterson has made it clear that he is willing to wait patiently for the next home.


Although Peterson wanted to visit the saints, it was hard to think that the saints were suitable for him. The saints already have Mark Ingram, similar to his type, who has just made the best of his six years of his career last season.

One of the bigger questions is that Peterson does not play the role of a catcher in his career. He is not suitable for saints to pass the main offensive group.


In other words, after visiting Saints, Peterson might have to continue looking for the next home.