/2.5 madden 17
The last day of EA Sports's Madden Bowl was held on Friday, with the four remaining players scrambling for a $ 250,000 prize pool and a bunch of all-important tournament series. In Sunday's Super Bowl LI in Houston, Texas, the latest Chris  "Dubby" McFarland managed to defeat the legendary Eric "Problem" Wright  in an intense finish that came down to the wire.
A big Problem for Serious Moe
Dubby and Problem won their spot in the final story of two different semi-final matches.
In the first game of the day, Dubby found himself in front of Michael Skimbo in the first half, using Randy Moss and Jimmy Graham to score points on his first possession. However, the second half of the game certainly looks bleak, because Skimbo because of a touchdown and two-point conversion with a goal on the field made a 17-7 lead. Dubby responded earnestly, contacting Randy Moss, getting a quick three-point touchdown.
At the end of the fourth quarter of the season, hoping to knock out the game, Skimbo's a curious decision behind Dolby stopped as his fourth attempt at his stadium. Dubby can then simply bind the game with a live target, but chose his own fourth attempt to nab anything equal to the game's winning touchdown with Randy Moss. Skimbo was on the floor for the rest of the game, but in the final second, a desperate entry into the last area was thwarted, giving Dubby a win.
Compared to the exciting first semifinals, Problem completely dealt with his game, Zack "Severe Blues", in Game 2. Relying on his choking defense and possession of the offense, Problem won 17-0 lead in the first half. Another touchdown scored in the second half extended to 24-0, all but ended up with a serious Moe finals. While Moe scored a touchdown early in the fourth quarter and followed by two points of dialogue, a dominant running game with some nice passes was all that needed to be done by Problem.
Dubby takes the finals
Continuing his thrilling semi-final momentum, Dubby jumped out the door against the problems in the Finals and quickly got an early touchdown pass. After the difficulty of control, only one goal on the field, his starting possession, looks like Dubby might escape the game, using the same style of ball control offense to effectively break his way to the end. However, the legend can not be kept forever, since the question completely flips the table, ensuring a fantastic user block, and he tries to return to reach the touchdown. Display preparation and flexibility, Dubby responded to a series of smooth running and successful checks, taking advantage of the problem of lightning in the way of another touchdown and a 14-10 advantage in the half.
Problem finally got his offense in the second half, relying on a timely pass to Jimmy Graham and Ricky Williams' legs to reach a 17-14 lead. But just as before, Dolby replied, shrugging the embarrassing question near the crazy lightning defense to kick a field goal in the game. Now in the final quarter, an incredible grabbed the question by Mike Evans left the legend taking the lead in the prime location. But in an unusual move, the problem of selecting the third time in the red zone is to throw a pass down instead of bleeding time with a run, an action reversely dreadful, as Dubby utilizes a nice intercept. In the next game, Ed McCaffrey's 93-yard pass ball, but the consolidation of Dolby's victory, because the problem can not be in the game more than a minute to come back.