Madden 17 Ultimate Team has a lot of perks, one particular becoming its Sets and their trading card-esque really feel. Here is often a guide to just 1 of them: The Super Bowl Set.
The NFL Season is drawing ever closer to its finish but Madden Season is still going robust, thanks largely to Madden Ultimate Group. Madden Ultimate Group is excellent for a great number of reasons and one particular of these motives may be the Sets. Sets will be the spot for all of your spare things to go in exchange for better and/or exclusive products. What exactly is great concerning the Sets is the fact that you'll find continually new ones released which can be topical. Naturally then, the brains over at EA Sports couldn’t ignore the sport’s biggest stage: the Super Bowl.

To commemorate the Super Bowl there is a new Set to complete in Madden. Here is every thing you will need to understand about this set.

The Set itself is created of 11 Sub-Sets:

All of those Sub-Sets expire on March 2nd 2017 unless stated otherwise.

  • Marcus Allen

Add all 4 Super Bowl Previous Captains (95 Overall Russell Wilson, 95 General Erik Williams, 95 Overall Bob Sanders and 95 General James Harrison) to this Set to earn a Super Bowl Previous Boss 98 Overall RB Marcus Allen.


  • Reggie White

Add all four Super Bowl Past Captains to this Set to earn a Super Bowl Past Boss 98 General LE Reggie White.


  • Malcolm Butler

Add all 4 Super Bowl Present Captains (94 Overall Martellus Bennett, 94 Overall Dont’a Hightower, 95 General Tevin Coleman, 94 Overall Keanu Neal) to this Set to earn a Super Bowl Present Boss 97 Overall CB Malcolm Butler.


  • Julio Jones

Add all four Super Bowl Present Captains to this Set to earn a Super Bowl Present Boss 97 All round WR Julio Jones.


  • Super Bowl Captains: Previous

Add any eight Super Bowl Past Elite Players (91 Overall) to earn a random Super Bowl Previous Captain (95 Overall).

  • Super Bowl Captains: Present

Add any 8 Super Bowl Present Elite Players (90 General) to earn a random Super Bowl Present Captain (94 General).


  • Super Bowl Upgrade: Past

Add any 15 Super Bowl Past Gold Players (84 General) to earn a random Super Bowl Previous Elite Player (91 Overall).


  • Super Bowl Upgrade: Present

Add any 15 Super Bowl Present Gold Players (84 Overall) to earn a random Super Bowl Present Elite Player (90 All round).

  • Super Bowl Trade

Add any two Super Bowl Gold Players to earn 1 random Group with the Week or Football Outsider Item (Player or collectible).


  • Super Bowl Giveaway

Trade in all 6 Super Bowl Restricted Use Giveaway Players (Julian Edelman, Deion Jones, Malcolm Butler, Matt Ryan, LeGarrette Blount and Vic Beasley) to earn a permanent Super Bowl Elite (Not Auctionable). Expires February 10th. The Giveaway products went out day-to-day, beginning on Monday 30th January and ending on Saturday 4th February.


  • TOTY to Super Bowl

Add any 3 TOTY Products (Collectibles or Players) to earn a Gold or much better Super Bowl Player. Expires February 5th.

Now, all four Bosses are among the ideal five or six players in the entire MUT Database, but you might have to commit an awful lot to obtain them. Personally, I'd prefer to keep four 95 Overall players at 4 unique positions than have 1 98 All round player. However, that is subjective and it does rely on the high-quality of your group. You ought to also keep in mind though that by selling any of those players you are able to make many coins in the Auction Property. For example, the Base Elite players (90-91 Overall Players) are presently going for about 45,000 coins every, at the least, and also the rates only skyrocket for players rated greater.

All round, this is a pretty fantastic Set. You can find lots of pretty fantastic players to be discovered from this Set and the positive aspects of completing this Set are large.


I do have one tip. Before you make an effort to complete this Set and/or sell your Super Bowl players, make sure you complete/do no less than one from the Super Bowl Solo Challenges. The two Super Bowl based Solo Challenges offer you a lot of players and so you could then choose which ones to help keep and remove as you may have enough to finish some of these Sets and preserve some in your lineup.