EA Sports has now released a tiny tuning update for the PS4 and Xbox 1 versions of Madden 17. These updates improve on each of the game modes.

EA Sports posted details from the Madden 17 tuning update by means of the official Facebook page. Not a great deal has been changed, but study over what has been enhanced. You are able to study the description beneath for more information.

A different tuning update is now out there in Madden NFL 17 for Xbox 1 and PlayStation four. Beneath is a list improvements and updates to gameplay across all game modes.

Tuned down aggressive catch win possibilities in two man catch interactions. Tuned down aggressive catch win possibilities vs swat in 2 man catch interactions. RAC catch penalty from trailing defender proximity decreased. Strip ball mechanic tuned down. Elevated danger of broken tackles when attempting strips.

EA Sports currently released the enormous 1.06 update patch just a couple of days ago. In the event you missed all the changes/improvements, you can read all the patch notes from update 1.06 by clicking right here.

As always, EA Sports is open for your feedback so do what ever you could as a way to let them know of all of the things you desire to view get improved in Madden 17. It is possible to let them know on Faecbook, Twitter or via the official forums.