EA continues to be silent on a Madden 17 CFM companion app, but players don't choose to wait anymore. Players have filed a petition against EA suggesting that a native mobile app ought to be the developer's high priority. Launched in August 2016, Madden 17 nevertheless lacks the CFM companion app because the company has disabled the web-site which was previously offered.

On the Chang.org web-site, which is majorly identified for on the web petition filing, around 687 supporters have supported the online petition. According to the description around the web site, players aren't satisfied with all the way EA is delaying the application. Fans say that the firm has already promised the Madden 17 CFM companion app prior to game's launch. As they have invested around two months inside the game, players are nevertheless clueless in regards to the release facts on the app.

Fans demand that EA work on this mode, as well as the business need to at least update fans on its progress. On the game's official web-site, fans are repeatedly asking EA regarding the Madden 17 CFM companion app. Within a related query, a fan asked EA, "We're here two months into a release without having any news around the CFM app, why in the world couldn't you guys just let us use the old web page?" In response towards the fan's query, EA suggested a two-month old blog post saying that the focus has shifted towards the companion app."At launch of Madden NFL 17, there will not be a Franchise Mode site for you to visit and interact with your league. As for any possible Companion App - we are still exploring the possibilities and can be swift to update you as and when data becomes accessible," the weblog post reads.

EA is again assuring fans that they'll bring the necessary alterations quickly because the firm is still working on the updates. Nevertheless, there's nonetheless no precise time frame given to players on which they're able to rely.

The petition filed by fans is particularly created for all of the developers operating on Madden 17 including chief competition officer Peter Moore and creative director Rex Dickson. Of course, there's a communication gap involving the players and EA. The organization isn't giving fans any distinct facts on once they can count on the Madden 17 CFM companion app.