Some of us assume the NFL is taking points as well far in its crackdown on celebrations soon after touchdowns, however the league's head of officiating doesn't agree.

Dean Blandino stated in a video he posted on Twitter that the calls against both Washington tight finish Vernon Davis and Giants receiver Odell Beckham on Sunday had been appropriate."We got a lot of questions about two plays involving the unsportsmanlike conduct rule," Blandino stated.

Davis pretended the football was a basketball and shot it over the objective post soon after scoring a touchdown on Sunday, and Blandino stated that's a no-no.

"The ruling on the field here can be a touchdown, and after that you'll watch number 85, he's going to shoot the football more than the goalpost, mimicking a basketball action," Blandino mentioned. "That's making use of the ball as well as the goalpost as a prop. That's a violation on the rule. You can't dunk the ball more than the goalpost, shoot the ball, finger roll, all of which is illegal, making use of the football along with the goalpost as a prop. Fifteen-yard penalty is enforced on the kickoff."Beckham scored a extended touchdown and took his helmet off immediately after operating out the back of the finish zone, which is a penalty also."As a part of the celebration he's going to take his helmet off inside the finish zone," Blandino said of Beckham. "That's a violation with the rule. You cannot take your helmet off as a part of a celebration, a demonstration, or as a part of a confrontation with an opponent or perhaps a game official. You see he goes for the sideline, says a thing to the game officials, that would be unsportsmanlike conduct as well - we'll only enforce 1 foul."

Blandino's officials properly enforced the rules, however the big question is why NFL rules are so stringent about cracking down on celebrations. A 15-yard penalty is awfully harsh for possessing somewhat enjoyable.