Madden 17 Ultimate Group has lots of perks, a single being its Sets and their trading card-esque really feel. Here is often a guide to just a single of them: Earn Badges.

Ultimate Group is possibly the biggest game mode on Madden, but what tends to make it what it's? A part of it truly is the Solo Challenges, one more portion is definitely the team building aspect but 1 of my preferred components will be the Sets.

Sets are the most effective way and sometimes the only technique to get particular edition items and they may be a quite good method to do away with excess products, unless you need instant coins, in which case just sell them.

As they are such a large part of Ultimate Team I believed I'd give you all a rundown on all the distinctive sets, telling you what you're going to have to total it, the way to get those points and what you're going to have from that set.

Next up would be the Earn Badges Set.

If you're unfamiliar with Ultimate Group, Badges are an item that may be used to trade for players or add to sets to earn various rewards. They come in four varieties, like the players, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Elite and as you may have guessed, they may be worth different amounts. These Badges is usually earned from Packs, Auctions and other Sets.

Well, this Set does exactly what it says on the tin, it earns you badges. Within the Set there are actually eight Sub-Sets, right here is really a run-down of each and every 1.