Madden NFL 17 has only been around the marketplace considering that August and EA Sports has currently released its third title update for the football title. This update fixes a lot of issues nonetheless lurking in the game around the PlayStation four and Xbox 1.

The list of fixes for Madden NFL 17 is substantial and you will discover notable alterations that players will discover on the list of fixes. Yes, EA Sports added the new Colour Rush uniforms , but we won't be discussing that. You will discover three significant improvements in Madden NFL 17 and we start with some important alterations in one essential mode:

Franchise Mode

I'm beating a dead horse right here, but EA continues to tweak its Franchise modes across its catalog of sports games - Madden is no various. In this update, draft picks have been changed, quarterback regression was tuned and fatigue was adjusted for Play The Moments parts of the game. Though things like showing punter stats are certainly not as critical, your quarterback having hurt whilst kneeling the ball is extremely important for players of Franchise mode. Hopefully, EA Sports continues to make Franchise mode a priority inside the future due to the fact the publisher is raising the bar.

Gameplay Was Big Concentrate Of This Patch

When it comes to sports games, the little factors matter. Tiny tweaks to gameplay genuinely influence the way we play the game. Within this patch for Madden NFL 17 , a great deal of concentrate was put on gameplay. Issues like tuning how often you see receivers drop wide open passes, a glitch for stripping the ball and tuning the positioning on streak plays for wide receivers and defensive backs are little issues that committed players of Madden notice and care about. Fixing those "variety particular teams issues" are extremely important for close games also.

Ultimate Group Fixes

I've in no way been a fan of Ultimate Team. I tried playing the mode for many years but it was some thing that I could never ever get into. I gave it a further shot this year and I'm actually finding a grip on the mode and how to play it successfully. Even with the Auction Property concern they had a few weeks ago, I think it's an underrated mode. Some of the fixes EA created to MUT were minor (fixing game speed, redoing the begin button) but it's that stuff that tends to make the encounter far more enjoyable. Ulimate Group is terrific even though I'm nevertheless waiting for some far better cards in new packs.

What are your thoughts about this patch? Are you nonetheless obtaining problems in Madden NFL 17 ?