EA Sports has released a brand new tuning update for Madden NFL 17 that makes a series of modifications to how the professional football game plays, although none sound all that substantial.

As detailed within this Facebook post, the adjustments contain things like lowering the likelihood of "organic" ball knock-outs after made catches. The update also reduces the possibilities of broken tackles for ball-carriers, even though additionally, it ought to make kicking somewhat much easier inside the snow, as the kick meter energy penalty has been decreased. Also, the update tends to make a "variety of tuning changes" to help the defensive side guard against run plays improved. You can see the full patch notes beneath.

This tuning update is accessible for Madden NFL 17's PS4 and Xbox 1 versions, but is apparently not available on PS3 and Xbox 360. Madden creative director Rex Dickson confirmed on Twitter that a larger title update is coming later. Amongst other points, the title update will apparently take away the capability to take a delay of game penalty within a situation where a group knows it's going to miss a field objective.

Madden NFL 17 September 23 Tuning Update Modifications:

In other Madden NFL 17 news, a newly found glitch is amongst the weirdest we've noticed so far. You are able to verify out this post to see other Madden NFL 17 glitches, such as one where a field aim attempt led to an instant, erroneous touchdown for the other team.

Madden NFL 17 received a score of 8 in GameSpot's overview. "If EA Tiburon's objective with Madden 17 was to create upon the strong foundation set by the last two iterations, the studio mainly succeeded by fine tuning its production values on and off the field even though also focusing on its strengths in its Ultimate Group and Franchise," reviewer Miguel Concepcion mentioned.