You force them and your possibilities at winning are significantly improved. You give them up and your possibilities decrease within a massive way. Just ask the Green Bay Packers from this previous weekend about that.

Apparently it is best to also be leery of that in the new Madden 17 game, because of a significant glitch that causes not simply a turnover but a assured pick-six for the opposition.

Yes, which is the 1 and only Blake Bortles dropping back for a pass, throwing a quite decent 1 for the Steelers 40-yard line, and after that watching the physically not possible take place next.

Not simply does the pass bounce off the pads of his receiver, but Bortles and these playing at dwelling watch the ball bounce some 20 yards backwards in to the waiting arms of a Steelers linebacker. Naturally, mentioned linebacker goes untouched in to the finish zone for any pick-six.

Obviously, there's absolutely nothing all-natural about any of this. Soon after all this can be a video game to start with, secondly, it's physically improbable to have the ball bounce (within the air mind you) some 20 yards on the fly and finally, have it just so take place to fall in to the hands of a waiting opposition player who goes untouched towards the finish zone.

We're guessing EA Sports is going to find a method to appropriate that glitch. But, we��re still left together with the question of how the heck this egregious error was not uncovered within the 1st spot.

It's not like this could change a game or expense a person a victory in these all-important Madden 17 leagues or tournaments across the nation.