Whether you are a fan of your Pittsburgh Steelers or not, you will like their runners, DeAngelo Williams.
The league's oldest 33-year-old running back is at the moment the league's initial runner yards, two games he has completed 237 yards red ball, and last season within the team's major operating back absence, Williams two games completed 204 yards.
This year on account of suspension, Steelers initially run run Wei Le - von Bell (Le'Veon Bell) missed the first three games, Williams for that reason won the initial opportunity. Williams on Sunday to assist the group beat the Cincinnati Tigers, Williams doesn't look to need to hear people on their much more than the ability to reserve moves, he told reporters: "I am the team's insurance coverage program, I assist Bell in the course of the suspension I choose to ensure my position will not trigger problems for the team, and when I get here I consider I'm fighting for the Super Bowl, and that 's the only issue I care about.
Williams subsequent week may well also lead the league operating table, just after the fourth week from the game he will return the activity to Bell.