In sports games, we all create ourselves with all the intention of dominating the game and bragging to our mates about it. Regardless of whether we make ourselves the starting quarterback of the Miami Dolphins or the designated hitter for the Detroit Tigers, we brim with pride when we blow up the stat pages with ourselves as a produced player. A NBA franchise took that method in Madden NFL 17 with one of their star players as well as the results have been what you'd expect.

DeMarcus "Boogie" Cousins is usually a 6-foot-11, 270 pound center for the Kings who, in spite of his main talent, is identified for getting an overly emotional player. A career 20 point, ten rebound player, Cousins in the paint is actually a sight behold as he includes a rare mixture of size and speed for someone of his stature. An individual the size of Cousins really should not trade their basketball uniform for a football uniform - his size will instill sheer worry in his opponents.

The Kings inserted DeMarcus because the starting operating back for his favored group, the Oakland (quickly to be Las Vegas) Raiders, in Madden and he became an unstoppable force. To say he dominated the game could be an understatement.

"Although Madden didn't break, NFL records did, because the 6-foot-11, 270-pound operating back recorded League records of 382 rushing yards and six rushing touchdowns. Oakland defeated New Orleans by a 45-6 tally because of Boogie's Barry Sanders-like moves and Marshawn Lynch-like strength inside the operating game."

382 yards rushing and six touchdowns? I'm pretty certain that Cousins more than the course of a full Madden NFL 17 season would set rushing and TD records the likes of which would under no circumstances be seen. In actual life, Cousins could be extra of a fullback or tight end than running back, but we're dealing in Madden world.