Since the outstanding Madden NFL 15 corrected a wobble in EA's well-known Gridiron sim, the series has maintained a course of excellence. As ever when an annual sports game hits upon a winning formula, the trick becomes iteration and improvement.

In some ways, clearing a fumble and beginning once again is less difficult than constructing on foundations you already have. So it's usually a pleasure to view these improvements manifest, specifically when the game in query has no severe competitors to speak of. Those would be the hard yards.

So it is with Madden NFL 17, a definable gain on the play in addition to a more significant jump than its predecessor, enabled by wise tweaks of detail on and off the field. Some of which you could possibly argue had been overdue.

Regardless of the NFL's rising concentrate on passing, here we have a beefier operating game, with enhanced gap assignments for the offensive line, better player locomotion in addition to a context-sensitive button system that gives you far more solutions on jukes, breaks and spins. There's even a button that permits your player to suck themselves in to squeeze through tight gaps inside the defense. Ultimately it's a system that gives you a lot more solutions on the ground, which adds to Madden 15's bolstering of defense plus the controllable catching that so enhanced the passing game final year.

Previously Madden could feel like a game that passed by the untrained eye; plays unfolding without the need of you feeling like you might be having any due influence. Even though the complexities of American Football nonetheless demand investigation (more of that later), EA's consistent chipping away at unique components in the play every single year has produced for any much more engaging game for both newbies plus the experienced. Fresh converts can figure out what their input suggests, even though old hands are given a higher degree of flexibility. Win-win.