Madden 17, to us at App Trigger, has been a cruel mistress. By means of Sunday on Week 1, the simulations had been poised to go 10-5. On the other hand, a 0-2 Monday meant Week 1 finished having a final 8-7 record. Following final week's final results, however, that record slipped to a dreadful 13-18, as who the hell would think that the Los Angeles Rams would have a 1-1 record and zero touchdowns to begin the season? That implies our Lock of your Week has gone 0-1. Meanwhile, our 1 superlative, the Joe Flacco Elite Watch, has been correct in each weeks so far.

As constantly, we simulate each NFL Week 3 matchup utilizing Madden 17 on All-Pro difficulty, finishing the simulation with 6-minute quarters. Once the prompt for kickoff/kick return seems, we press the Super Sim button to simulate the results. Screenshots are grabbed immediately after the results are presented.

Depending on how this week's outcomes turn out, possibly play the spreads at your own discretion.

Houston Texans 14 - New England Patriots 21

The Jacoby Brissett 'era' has begun within the Foxborough, Massachusetts region, marking the initial time within the storied 56-year history of the football franchise that a black quarterback has created a get started for the Patriots. He might have contracted the yips, however, as his 16-33 record on pass attempts resulted in one passing touchdown (plus one particular rushing touchdown) on 205 passing yards and two interceptions.

It was a stalemate for many on the game, using the Texans throwing the ball away in to the hands of Patrick Chung twice inside 30 yards of your finish zone. Even larger a misstep was the rushing attempts of Lamar Miller, who was a yard away in the finish zone ahead of fumbling the ball on a forced fumble from that's ideal, Patrick Chung. He was a beast for the Patriots, helping to produce up for the middling performance from their holdover quarterback predicament because the group continues to possess shaky, but consistent wins in their initial three weeks.