EA's Madden NFL 17 launched last month behind a normally robust constructive crucial reception. But the experienced football game has not been without having its glitches. Now comes a different video that shows one thing that could only happen on a virtual football field.

The Houseofhighlights Instagram video below (by means of Uproxx) shows off a glitch where Giants QB Eli Manning deliver a pass more than the middle. Every thing goes to plan at the begin. But when the ball touches the receiver's hands, it bounces backwards more than 20 yards, top to an easy, bewildering pick-six for the Jaguars' defense. Watch the video as many occasions as you desire; it under no circumstances makes any sense. There isn't any word on what brought on this glitch, but who cares when the end result is this hilarious.

Glitches in Madden games are nothing new and are regarded by some to become part of the franchise's appeal. It would be maddening if a glitch like this 1 occurred to you, but you'd almost certainly laugh, also.

You are able to check out this post to find out other Madden NFL 17 glitches, including one where a field purpose try led to an instant, erroneous touchdown for the other group.

Madden NFL 17 received a score of 8 in GameSpot's assessment. "If EA Tiburon's objective with Madden 17 was to construct upon the strong foundation set by the last two iterations, the studio mainly succeeded by fine tuning its production values on and off the field although also focusing on its strengths in its Ultimate Group and Franchise," reviewer Miguel Concepcion said.