"Madden NFL 17," this year's edition of the only professional American football video game franchise, is coming upon us, and it's high time we got a closer look at what's new with the game.
Creative director Rex Dickson says that a new patch for "Madden NFL '17" was released recently for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. While the full patch notes are yet to be released, the development team behind the game gave out some of the biggest changes with the update.
Gotta Be Mobile reports that this 17.0.3 update was released on September 2 and contains several fixes and is now available for download. When "Madden 17" is started, a player will automatically be prompted to install the latest update for the game. However, one should plan to update ahead of time since the file is considerably large and doing so might take a lot of time.
For the PS4, there is a large 4.8GB "Madden 17" patch to be downloaded, while it is only a small 386MB for the same update for the Xbox One. For the Xbox 360 and PS3 however, there has been no news yet as to how they will be getting the latest update for "Madden 17". Gamespot reports that the update has fixed the sounding problem with which the other team can see where another was going. Also, a player will no longer fumble as much since the update has reduced the strip-tackle attempt by the AI.
Other details as revealed by Dickson and producer Clint Oldenburg would be that force defenders not dropping back versus run when in zone coverage. Acquisition Screen in Franchise mode is no longer an issue for "Madden 17". There are no more white on white jerseys in online in Head to Head and blockers occasionally do not block when hurrying up. It also comes with no passing icons of PA, Force defender tuning, nano detection system tuning, and users no longer get stamina penalty when meter gets depleted.
Dickson also adds that there will be an even bigger update coming for "Madden NFL '17" a little later which would include hundreds of fixes. While these latest update appears very promising and relieving for players of "Madden NFL '17," there is still some potential for other problems with the game. The official patch notes for this latest update are still being anticipated for the meantime and are bound to come out anytime soon.