A new update for Madden NFL 17 coming soon makes modifications to the the game's ball-stripping mechanics that should really result in fewer fumbles in non-sack conditions.

Madden inventive director Rex Dickson shared the news on Twitter.

Dickson mentioned in an additional tweet that this tuning update is in response to a "serious bug" involving the ball-stripping mechanic. "It played wonderful until you played a user wanting to strip," he said.

There will not be any changes to Madden NFL 17's fumble probability following taking a sack, having said that. Dickson gave some tips to avoid losing fumbles this way: "Stop trying to throw out of sack and get the ball out earlier."

The new Madden patch also fixes a problem where apparently your opponent could see should you have been arranging a run or perhaps a throw play.

Dickson also shared some Madden NFL 17 stats that speak to functionality on the all-important third down. After the first week, players have completed 44 % of third downs, when compared with 36 % for the CPU. The 2015 NFL average was 39 percent. As for fourth down conversions, this stands at 49.37 % for users and 34.75 % for the CPU. The NFL average final year was 50 %.

In other news about Madden NFL 17, EA Sports has confirmed that the game's new commentary team will go over Colin Kaepernick's controversial choice to sit during the national anthem. It really is unclear if the patch introducing the commentary is out but, but we'll report back with far more details quickly.

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