Are you currently still shopping for the annual iterations of a series that peaked a decade ago, shelling out 60 bucks for absolutely nothing but updated rosters along with the privilege of continuing to be beaten by racist 14-year-olds in on-line head-to-head play? Content glitch hunting.

So, here are the Titans trying to tie the game up having a last-second field goal. Realizing that a thing untoward is about to take place, I dare you to try to predict what and how. I believe you will be pleasantly shocked.

I consider it really is nice that this year's Madden was coded by people who've under no circumstances watched football and took their very best guess at the rules.

You realize actual football is almost right here when the video game football guys start off finding wacky.

It truly did peak a decade ago.

I have not bought a football game considering that NFL 2K5 because Madden nevertheless hasn't caught as much as where the 2K series was for fun.

Apparently now hitting the holder, is now roughing the kicker.

That holder went down like he was sniped in the rafters regardless of barely finding a enjoy tap from the D-man.

If you are the type of individual who plays Bucs vs. Broncos in Philadelphia, maybe the game isn't the only thing with a glitch.