What type of scores would be the game receiving?

"Madden 17" hit the shelves Tuesday, and gamers about the world are coming down using the annual "Madden flu" to duck out of work or college. But is this the year the Madden franchise requires a substantial leap?

In line with some critics, the latest iteration of Madden is far more hit than miss. But is it worth your $60?

Reviewer Dustin Toms praises "Madden 17" for reaching a great balance in between the tackles on offense and defense. On the list of couple of drawbacks could be the "mood-killing commentators," a problem which has plagued the Madden franchise for a lot of years.

"Madden 17 is just about all the things we've been waiting for given that EA Sports took full manage in the NFL license."

Reviewer Matthew Kato offers "Madden 17" high marks for the improved ground game but also believes passing has been provided a level of depth -- thanks to new defensive zones that make you hesitate prior to throwing to what you feel is an open receiver. But Kato points out that the blocking is not excellent, adding "blockers sometimes prioritize the wrong target."

"While I agree Madden 17 is not a leap forward, the fact that it rides Madden 16's coattails when developing its own (due to the commentary system and a few of the trench play) does not make it a terrible title."

Reviewer Ben Vollmer thinks players finally have extra weight to them around the field, no longer being able to "scoot about so much as they basically plant from step to step." But Vollmer doesn't think the identical care was put into quarterbacks, whose "throwing animations have incredibly small variation."

"For the very first time within a long time, Madden is starting to play and appear like the real thing."