That's an extremely significant question mainly because your answer could determine how much you'll get pleasure from the newest release in the iconic football series.

To answer my own question, my hopes were high.

Madden 16 produced some noticeable jumps in the way of gameplay, and I saw Madden 17 as a title with the prospective to grow to be the crown jewel with the series on this generation of consoles.

EA Sports moved on from Jim Nantz and Phil Simms to tap the talents of Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis as the major commentators for the game, and it was the ideal selection the developer have produced with the series because it pertains to presentation.

Gaudin and Davis are outstanding, and also the stitching elements in the audio performance are the most effective I've ever heard within a sports video game NBA 2K integrated.

The dialog is informative, conversational, entertaining and best of all, it's pure football. It gets even much better throughout Connected Franchise exactly where you can find continual references to your present season.

Whenever you look at Gaudin and Davis will return to EA Sports studios to add commentary all through the season, the product should really only get far better.

The new ball-carrier animations and controls are sweet. Restricting the sorts of moves a player can execute primarily based on his physical abilities adds the type of rhyme and purpose that simulation gamers will appreciate.

The speed and energy trigger add a lot more layers to the challenge of acquiring accomplishment as a ball carrier. On defense, the new strip from behind move appears terrific when executed.

Having the ability to force fumbles when operating behind a ball carrier was a necessary addition to gameplay. It'd be nice to determine a strip button added for pass rushers as they sack the quarterback too.

Overall, the defense is smarter in most situations. Players seem to plug gaps better plus the zone coverages are additional correct for the integrity on the defensive schemes.

Toning down the aggressive catch abilities of players assists the defense be extra powerful. You may no longer simply throw it up to above-average receivers and anticipate them to come down together with the reception 75 % in the time.

The enhanced ball physics play a significant role in this move toward realism. If a defender could make contact together with the ball, or obstruct a receivers hands from connecting with the pigskin, there's a great possibility he can avoid a reception.

It's lastly attainable to block a field purpose or punt, and it doesn't appear to be a spammable piece, despite the fact that fans who go searching for exploits can be in a position to crack the code.

These improvements permit Madden 17 to play a greater game of football than its predecessor, however the leap still wasn't quite as far as I'd hoped.