Microsoft has committed hundreds of millions of dollars to showcase their Surface tablets on NFL sidelines. Now, it really is the most recent detail to EA Sports' wildly successful Madden NFL franchise.

Back in July, EA Sports tweeted a screen capture in the upcoming Madden NFL 17 game. It shows a coach working with players on a Surface tablet. The tablet is simple to spot. However it did not carry any markings that connected it with Microsoft.

Now, new gameplay footage that not too long ago surfaced on-line, shows a more detailed image in the tablets within the game. It shows branded Microsoft Surface tablets, just like they are in real-life.

EA Sports tells us this is just another instance with the detail added to this year's version from the best-selling game."Good eye! The coaches do indeed carry the Surface tablets around the sideline this year. One far more way our presentation team is dedicated to making the game as realistic as you can. :)" Said Brad Hilderbrand, Senior Publicist for EA Sports.

Bottom line, EA is performing anything it can to make the artificial appear real, appropriate down towards the logos printed on the devices in coach's hands. Madden NFL 17 is scheduled for release on August 23rd. Microsoft is currently planning a bundle present together with the new Xbox A single S. In addition, EA delivers early access to EA Access service subscribers. You may preorder the game from the Windows Retailer right here www.mutcoin.com.