The Jacksonville Jaguars became among the NFL's most enhanced teams more than the offseason. Their moves on both offense and defense have helped make the group transform into a playoff contender. So surely, the folks over at EA Sports would have taken notice by providing the Jags a substantially larger rating inside the upcoming Madden video game, proper?

Properly, yeah. They did. But it's nonetheless not excellent enough.

EA not too long ago released their group ratings for Madden 17, as well as the Jaguars had been offered a 78 all round rating. Their offense and defense have been each rated an 81 overall. This can be improvement more than last year's Madden, exactly where they ended up having a 73 all round.

In spite of these improvements, the Jags are nevertheless tied for the sixth-worst group within the league, in accordance with EA. The two teams they are tied with? The Indianapolis Colts along with the Los Angeles Rams. While the Colts are also a victim of an undeservingly low rating, the Rams aren't anticipated to be a playoff contender this year.

Want some much more disgusting news? They are a couple of teams rated higher than the Jaguars: the Chargers, the Lions, the Eagles and here's the kicker the Titans.

Even worse, the Titans were one general worse than the Jags last year. They did not add practically as a great deal talent as Jacksonville did, and they did not even enhance more than last season; they were the worst team within the last year. How EA decided that the Titans had been much better than the Jaguars is beyond me.

It seems like EA Sports is sleeping on the Jags this year. Now it is Jacksonville's turn to make them appear wrong.

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